Price: $153,800

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    Finished in Pearl White Multi-Coat Paint on an Ultra White Premium 6 seat interior with a black contrasting headliner and trim including Dark Ash Wood Decor, this MX100D is fully loaded with Premium Upgrades Package, Ultra High-Fidelity Sound Package, Cold Weather Package, Smart Suspension and Enhanced Autopilot.

    Premium Upgrades Package includes:
    - Bioweapon Defence Mode with Medical Grade HEPA air filtration system
    - Remote opening falcon wing doors, driver and passenger front door and tailgate
    - Self-presenting driver door opens upon sensing your approaching trajectory
    - Easy step in full height access to 2nd and 3rd-row seating with easy access feature
    - Power folding, auto-dimming and heated side mirrors with dual curb mirror tilt option
    - GPS-enabled Homelink for automatic opening and closing of garage doors
    - Centre Console with iPhone / android quick dock
    - Active LED Headlights and LED front and rear fog lights
    - Three-position dynamic LED turning lights for nighttime visibility
    - Ambient LED interior lighting

    Subzero Weather Package includes:
    - All six heated seats
    - Heated steering wheel
    - Wiper blade defrosters
    - Washer nozzle heaters
    - Remote pre-heating of vehicle

    Enhanced Autopilot package includes:
    - 4 active cameras and 4 more for future use
    - 12 ultrasonic sonar sensors for 360 view
    - 40x faster processor that Autopilot 1 (AP1)
    - Full self-parking (both parallel and 90 degrees/reverse)
    - Summon (self-parking remote via Tesla App)
    - Google Maps and Navigation with real-time traffic

    Smart Air Suspension Package:
    - Customizable Height Settings
    - GPS based memory for high obstacles
    - Low mode for best aerodynamics at highway speeds

    Ultra High-Fidelity Sound System includes:
    - 12 Neodymium Speakers, 560-watt amplifier
    - 8-inch Neodymium subwoofer
    - Dolby Pro-Logic Surround Sound
    - Bluetooth Streaming Audio
    - Sirius XM Satellite Radio
    - Streaming Internet Radio
    - Tune In Internet Radio for podcasts, sports, news

    The 100D includes the longest range available from Tesla on the Model X which averages 500km (subject to conditions), 4.9 seconds 0-100km/h and a 250km/h top speed. Travel across Canada and the US silently and effortlessly with Tesla's ever-growing supercharger network which provides an approx 80% charge in 20 minutes.

    With the included Smart Suspension package this Model X will remember speed bumps, steep driveways and potholed roads automatically raising and lowering the suspension every time the vehicle is back at the same place with the aid of the GPS positioning system.

    The six-seat interior includes automatic passenger sensing rear air conditioning and heating system, second-row power pedestal bucket seats and flat/flush folding third-row seats, with USB ports for all passengers and all six seats with 3 level heaters.

    Autopilot allows the vehicle to steer within a lane, change lanes with a simple tap of a turn signal and manage speed using active traffic-aware cruise control - it's phenomenal to experience - you'll never want to drive anything else ever again and with monthly over-the-air software updates this system is always improving. Soon to arrives upgrades include automatic lane changing without driver input, automatic transitioning from one highway to another and self park when near a parking spot, without any driver present!

    Additional features include world's largest panoramic windshield, voice command system, one touch remote to close all doors and tailgate at once, automatic high beam system and much much more!

    Finance with $0 down over up to 96 months with rates as low as 4.99% OAC.

    Shipping available to anywhere in Canada in 7-10 days!

    Your falcon wing doored land based intergalactic space ship awaits - please call ahead to make an appointment to view this particular Model X as it belongs to the owner and may not always be at the dealership.

    Includes balance of Tesla 4yr/80,000km comprehensive warranty until December 24, 2021 as well as the balance of Tesla's incredible 8 year, INFINITE mileage powertrain warranty on the battery and drive motors until December 24, 2025!

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